Best Financial services in Fort Collins
Best Financial services in Fort Collins
Balanced Financial, Inc.
Best Financial services in Fort Collins


At Balanced Financial, Inc., we are dedicated to making your money work for you. We boast a happy and successful client database of over 4,000. We treat our clients with the honesty and integrity, while offering realistic professional advice. Our years of experience and notable expertise provide our clients with financial peace of mind. We believe in making your money work strategically for you right now.

Knowledgeable and willing to work for you are two of the best of many attributes of Mr. Greg Anderson. He helped me save thousands of dollars as I was in charge of my mother’s estate. Without his skills and knowledge, I would not have been able to put my mother in the quality living environment she deserved. Thanks Greg and Balanced Financial!

Rock Hodgson
Eaton, Colorado

Greg Anderson was referred to me by a friend at a time when I was going through a big life change. It was a full year before we transacted any business. He was always patient and attentive with me and my situation. Greg listens to my needs and acts in the best interests of them.

Diane G.
Fort Collins, Colorado

I have been working with Balanced Financial for a couple of years now and have absolutely loved their customer service and depth of knowledge. While at the Air Force Academy, cadets have the opportunity to take out a career starting loan. Mr. Anderson helped me to invest it in a safe investment where I could still earn money but had very little risk of losing my loan money. Unfortunately, some of my fellow graduates have lost a lot of money from poor investments with their loan money. Beyond our loan investment, my husband and I were looking at purchasing a home for the first time. We ran all the numbers with Balanced Financial and they helped to ensure us what we could afford it. They discussed the possibility of owning several homes and using that as another source of passive income. We had not even considered this option before! Mr. Anderson helped us with the purchase and set up a renter’s agreement. The staff at Balanced Financial has been extremely helpful and has changed their plans to accommodate a last minute meeting. We are very thankful to have the opportunity to work with them!

Ariel B.
Fountain, Colorado

We were nervous about keeping our savings safe and still getting some growth – Greg had lots of creative choices, and spent plenty of time going over options & plans for us. We feel our money is safe and working hard for us.

Jim and Marilyn W.
Fort Collins, Colorado

We met Greg at one of his seminars. Their office took lots of time to get to know us and our concerns. Since being clients, we find they have followed up and serviced our accounts very timely. They always went slow with us so we felt we understood what was being presented. But mostly we enjoy the Safety & Preservation approach they take.

Jim and Peggy C.
Loveland, Colorado

Greg will never hurry you. We met many times before doing any business – he took lots of time to get to know us and research the details on our holdings. We are excited about the efforts we have made with Balanced Financial. We always felt we knew where we were going with his recommendations. He is also very clear and easy to understand.

Del and Mary H.
Loveland, Colorado

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, Greg has worn many hats for me … that of a friend, honest adviser, critic, educator and accountant. Being from a nursing background I appreciate Greg’s special knack for listening to what you are saying and then explaining away all the financial jargon so that you truly have an understanding of the financial concept. I would send any of my closest family or friends to Greg Anderson without any hesitation.

Adla W H.
Loveland, Colorado

Over the past year I’ve been thinking about what to do with my retirement money and was kind of lost with all the choices out there. When I met Greg I didn’t feel any pressure at all. He simply rolled out his plan options that took all of about an hour and we were on our way home. Greg didn’t push me to make a decision at all, he simply reminded me every month or so, or when I asked him to, that he was still there. When I finally scheduled a meeting with him he took his time explaining everything in detail to my husband and me and was able to explain it in different ways for our different needs. He has a way of really listening to you and treating you with respect. What a great people person! I would recommend Greg’s services to my closest friends and family.

Donna and Craig W.
Loveland, Colorado

We have been a client of Greg’s for 5 years. He offered us many new innovative ideas tailored to our needs. He really goes the extra mile with great service … Thanks Greg!

Marvin and Betty Lou O.
Loveland, Colorado

As a product manager for an enterprise software product, I’m swamped! I have my hands full keeping up with my global customers and a distributed product team on two continents. When I get out of the office, I want to spend time with my three school-aged kids before time runs out on their childhood. I am well-versed in stock and options trading, but I wanted my nest egg and the time to enjoy my family, too. So, my investment goals are straight-forward – safety, growth and simple. That is exactly what Greg has brought my family and me over the years – better growth than my risk accounts have achieved and simplicity!

Fort Collins, Colorado

In 2008 when the market unexpectedly crashed, it was very alarming to watch. Most retirement accounts lost almost half their value in a matter of weeks. After learning about Greg’s program, in which my principle balance will never be at risk, it was an easy decision to make. I know that over the long haul, my account will continue to only move upward and I can rest better knowing that it is no longer at risk.

Mick O.
Fort Collins, Colorado

Greg’s expertise is invaluable in helping me understand my retirement account options. His presentation is clear and concise, making me comfortable with my decisions. Thank you Greg!

Fort Collins, Colorado

We have been a client of Balanced Financial for the past 6 yrs. After retiring 8 yrs ago, we wanted to maintain our retirement without the fear associated with the up/down fluctuations of the stock market. Greg took the time to hear our concerns, and then implement a strategy that secured our retirement and put our fears to rest. He’s the real deal!

T. Jordan
Fort Collins, Colorado

As a former Balanced Financial Inc. employee I could not have had a more positive professional experience. Working at Balanced Financial has been a launching pad for my career and I would not have had many of the opportunities that have presented themselves if not for BFI.  Greg and Paula’s in depth industry knowledge and expertise provide tremendous insight into the financial services industry.  More than just another financial planner, Balanced Financial Inc. has seen sustained successes due to Greg and Paula’s integrity, honesty, and compassion for their clients, employees, partners, and community. With numerous community outreaches and involvement in non-profit organizations Greg and Paula’s commitment to the city of Fort Collins and its residents is inspiring. An entrepreneur at heart, Greg will give you his candid opinion with a no pressure, can do attitude. If you’re tired of hearing the public narrative of continual 8% growth, specific products that need to be pushed, or just want an alternative point of view, give BFI a call. With safe ways to protect and grow your nest egg you won’t find another financial planner more personable and experienced than Greg Anderson at Balanced Financial

J. Stork, MBA
Fort Collins, Colorado

My wife and I are very happy that we discovered Balanced Financial a little over a year ago. They have a variety of investment options that are more off the beaten path, which suits us perfectly, and allowed us to retire earlier than we had planned. Greg and Paula are both so helpful and knowledgeable, even in non-financial areas, and we are very satisfied with our decision to put our trust in them.

R. Sharkey
Fort Collins, Colorado

I’ve received very good financial advice from Balanced Financial, and they have some very good products to offer for investments. They have investments I’ve never even heard of before with low risk and high yields. They are completely honest and trustworthy. I’m so glad we found this company!

J. Hamm
Loveland, Colorado

I’ve been working with Balanced Financial and Greg Anderson for a length of time now. As a young professional who owns his own business, I wanted to develop sound investment strategies that allowed me to avoid the pit falls of traditional investments, as well as develop a personalized program that fit my own needs and philosophies. Because Greg is not affiliated with any one company, he is able to provide products that his competition cannot even get access to. This non-bias can help you avoid the pitfalls of you need this insurance or mutual fund product, just because that person is being told to push that product for that month.

Greg goes beyond his ability to assist you in achieving your financial goals, as he develops a keen interest in your life. In one instance, he took the time to buy a book for me that has been of tremendous help, as I navigate the challenges of operating an international business. Think about the financial planner that you have now, do you think he is thinking of you while attending a seminar? Would he bother to take the time to invest his own resources to help you out? This is the level of service that Balanced Financial provides. I’m absolutely blown away.

M. Farrell
Windsor, Colorado

I met Greg 7 years ago, have been a client for 2 and half years. I should have worked with Greg 7 years ago. Greg took his time to explaining everything in details and offered many new innovative ideas for our different need. Greg even go extra mile (out of his own pocket to work with a professional CPA), obtained the advanced CPA report to help my decision on my stock option. I am an extremely delighted client of Balanced Financial, would recommend Greg’s financial service.

Fort Collins, Colorado

Before retiring in August, I reviewed my financial status with Greg. I had decided before our meeting that I would roll over my 401K with my current employer to add to my existing account with Balanced Financial.
Greg helped me get the paperwork going to transfer that 401K. I’m excited about putting a share of my retirement fund into a SCBL. I like the idea of getting a better return on my investment.
I trust Greg. He does a fantastic job as my financial adviser!

C. Williamson
Greeley, Colorado

Balanced Financial is a personal, hands on financial planning service. They work to make sure they understood the goals that we wanted and never made us feel like they were pushing anything on us. They truly made us feel like they were partnering alongside of us to make our goals possible!

V. Ferrin
Fort Collins, Colorado

Our family has known Greg for over 20 years. His strong grasp of safe, wise financial tools to achieve our goals in investments and insurance has been invaluable. He is always up to date, looking out for his clients, and full of warmth, humor, and genuine care.

M. Bingaman
Fort Collins, Colorado

Greg helped me understand the difference between an income and money. He showed me in a very easy to follow/understand way the difference, and how to achieve this for my future goals. I am glad I made the right choice!

Q. Scripter
Fort Collins, Colorado

It has been over a year now that my wife and I met Greg to discuss and explore a future financial plan. I was nearing retirement and we were looking for a solid and sound approach to develop our strategy. Greg took the time to truly understand us and he researched the alternatives that would best fit. He was great at explaining, suggesting and communicating various options in a way that we could completely understand. This is truly the best experience we have with working with a financial professional. Greg delivered as he said. A lot of trust goes into this relationship and Greg and Paula provide that. They are both truly professionals. It’s also great that you develops a friendship.

Marshall T & S

My husband and I are working with Greg to make sure we have a great long-term financial plan. It has been really great getting to work with Greg, and he patiently helps answer all the questions we have so that we feel confident about each step we take. Greg quickly became a go-to trusted voice while we’re thinking through different options!

Sarah A 

So glad to be working with Greg , who has helped me setup a retirement plan. He is very knowledgeable and has a innovative approach to finance. His expertise was invaluable in helping me understand my options. Looking forward to a long relationship, Greg. Thank you.

Kate B 

So glad we worked with Greg for our planning. Greg took his time to explaining everything in details and offered many new innovative ideas for our different need. Greg even go extra mile (out of his own pocket to work with a professional CPA), obtained the advanced CPA report to help my decision on my stock option. I am an extremely delighted client of Balanced Financial, would recommend Greg’s financial service.

Tom Y