Ariel Bingaman, Fountain, Colorado

I have been working with Balanced Financial for a couple of years now and have absolutely loved their customer service and depth of knowledge. While at the Air Force Academy, cadets have the opportunity to take out a career starting loan. Mr. Anderson helped me to invest it in a safe investment where I could still earn money but had very little risk of losing my loan money. Unfortunately, some of my fellow graduates have lost a lot of money from poor investments with their loan money. Beyond our loan investment, my husband and I were looking at purchasing a home for the first time. We ran all the numbers with Balanced Financial and they helped to ensure us what we could afford it. They discussed the possibility of owning several homes and using that as another source of passive income. We had not even considered this option before! Mr. Anderson helped us with the purchase and set up a renter’s agreement. The staff at Balanced Financial has been extremely helpful and has changed their plans to accommodate a last minute meeting. We are very thankful to have the opportunity to work with them!